Can you tell me what do you mean by density?

      Wig unit density describes how thick or thin a wig is, with 130% usually being the lowest, and 250% being the highest in some cases. 180% density is the preferred standard for regular wig wearers, which is almost the equivalent of 3 bundles.

        The longer the hair, the higher I would suggest for density.
          200% density recommended for 26"-40" units
            250% Density recommended for  30"-40" units.

              What products do you recommend to use to maintain my hair?
                For Shampooing and Conditioning: Mielle Hair Care Line
                  For heat protectant: Fantasia IC or Beyond the Zone
                    For Holding Spray: Got2BGlued

                      When maintaining your units, keep in mind the principle of "less is more." Heavy weight products or using products every day will cause buildup and can also weigh the hair down. You want to treat your units with love, just like your natural locs.